Trinity Cemetery
Sussex Corner

The cemetery is on both sides of theNew Line Road in Sussex Corner. The older part of the is to the east of the New Line Road. Additional space was purchased and is the western side of the New Line Road. In the newer part sits the  Valley Haven Vault. More land was purchased for future use behind the vault and has since begun to be used. The cemetery was originally known as Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery but now it is a community cemetery and bears the name Trinity  Cemetery.

St. John's Anglican Cemetery

This well-kept cemetery is back of the church in Highfield and is surrounded by a fence.

Saint Paul's Anglican Cemetery
Goshen, Queens County

The Saint Paul's Cemetery is located in Goshen, Johnston Parish, Queens Co., NB  near the Kings County line, about 2 miles north of the Trans-Canada highway.  There are a number of fieldstones marking graves in this cemetery.

Saint Barnabas Cemetery
South Canaan

This Cemetery is located on the South Canaan Rd. Although there is no civic number,  it is between 500 and 600 South Canaan Rd. In 2012 St. Barnabas’ cemetery at South Canaan was cleaned up (only two tombstones remain) and a beautiful sign was erected.  There are only two grave stones in this cemetery.