Welcome to Trinity Anglican Church!
Welcome to our website. It continues to be a work in progress.

A vibrant spiritual place where people feel they belong and become engaged to actively share Jesus's love while seeking to serve Christ and to make Him known to others


 Sunday service is 10:30am 

Services  are in person  or online. The service is livestreamed on Trinity's Facebook page. 

Physical distancing and mask wearing is optional.  Please do santize your hands as you enter the church building. 

The office is manned by volunteers. Thus,  if you assisstance please call 506-433-3444 and leave a message.


Liturgical Leaders
Priest: The Rev. Dan McMullen 506-639-2026

Priest: Rev. Canon Allen Tapley  506-432-0992

Congregational Members of the Parish

Church Phone number is 506-433-3444.


Church Office Hours
Monday and Wednesday 9-11am Call 506-433-3444 if you need assistance.

The church office may/may not be open but do call if you need help.  506-433-3444

There is a doorbell to the right of the door and if someone is in the building and able to answer the door, he or she will greet you.  




Sunday School

The children attend the first part of the church service and then after a brief discussion and payer with Rev. Dan go to Sunday School which will be reusming during the month of September.